DevFest 2017 Sessions

Check back for more sessions, we are constantly adding new sessions and speakers.

Managing Javascript on 15 Million Sites
AddThis is everywhere. Our JavaScript is included on 15 Million websites and we see 2.2 billion requests a day. That sort of footprint comes with exciting challenges, and our solutions to them might apply to your environments. We will cover how we de ... Learn More
Code Labs - Google Big Query
Code Labs on Big Query Summary: Learn data management and advanced analytics using Google BigQuery and it’s Standard SQL language. Plus, you’ll learn to experiment BigQuery's capabilities with public and private dataset, and walk-thru on few enterp ... Learn More
Building Event-driven Microservices using Serverless Framework
Building Event-driven Microservices using Serverless Framework ... Learn More
Best practices for managing Container Engine Clusters across multiple teams
Your responsibility is to provide services for internal users. How do you run Google Container Engine (GKE) cluster(s) to enable multiple teams to run applications in a heterogeneous environment. Do you create a single cluster and partition with name ... Learn More
Introduction to Daydream VR
Your standard mobile app is ubiquitous and bland. What is the next evolution of Mobile? How does an app developer make their application standout? Virtual Reality is a brand new mobile technology that has the ability to disrupt the industry and reall ... Learn More
Concurrent TinkerToys: Using Goroutines, Channels, and Select to Build Concurrent Tools
Go uses CSP to model concurrency. It’s an effective solution, but Go is missing constructs you find in other languages, like infinite concurrent queues, pools, and promises. This talk shows how to combine channels, goroutines, and select statements t ... Learn More
Reactive Programming in Akka
Building APIs which adhere to reactive manifesto can sometimes become a challenge. Implementing reactive systems, from ground up, would take resource and time, beyond a simple implementation. Fortunately, Akka comes to the rescue here. Akka is a tool ... Learn More
Cool ConstraintLayout
ConstraintLayout is the newest layout on the Android platform. You may often hear comparisons of ConstraintLayout with RelativeLayout in terms of functionality and performance. While ConstraintLayout is comparable to RelativeLayout in many ways, it a ... Learn More
The Road to Kotlintown
So you’ve probably heard of Kotlin, and you might even know that you can right-click any Java file and convert it automatically. Score! But wait, what are all these “!!” and why is the code littered with “?”. Sure, the code compiles, but how do you m ... Learn More
Snowflakes in the Cloud: A Real World Experience on a New Approach for Big Data
Click tracking analysis and the need to crunch Terabytes of Data in seconds are more the norm than the exception these days. Hadoop is an excellent platform for providing services to solve these problems. But running your own Hadoop cluster, keeping ... Learn More
The Fantastic Four: The Secret to Supporting Two Billion Users
AddThis is used on over 15 million sites by 2 billion users every month. Supporting all these users with a fully remote crew of four presents special challenges. Chief Support Engineer Paul Rothrock will talk about the tools, techniques, and teamwork ... Learn More
Advanced HTTP Mocking with WireMock
Create HTTP mocks with WireMock’s REST API from any language for deterministic testing and development. Don’t have mocks yet? No worries. You can record live traffic with WireMock that can be played back. Testing apps that rely on APIs can be painful ... Learn More
Writing Your First App for Google Home
Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. While the Assistant is good at answering general questions, you can make Google Home even smarter by building your own app for it and publishing that app to the world. In this ... Learn More
Embrace The Journey
In this session we will talk about Mapbox mobile SDKs. In order to prepare the talk, I created a survey and based on the results I divided the talk in two main parts: 1. What are/were the worst problems/features missing you find/found developing w ... Learn More
Mastering Material Motion
One of the foundations of Material Design is Motion. Effective motion can be used to provide user feedback, guide interaction focus, establish visual relationships between elements, and provide important polish and delight. Creating apps with effecti ... Learn More
Why Uri? Storage and the Modern Android App
One of the most confusing things to new Android developers is storage. It seems like every time you turn around, you're blocked from something (can't touch removable storage, crashing with FileUriExposedExceptions, and so on). In this presentation, w ... Learn More
Little Mistakes That Cost Big: Lessons Learned In Providing Open Source Software
Let's get real and talk about bad code, bad feature decisions, and embarrassing moments -- in the hope that you will make smarter decisions. Three million downloads, 90 releases; it's been a roller coaster and boy have we've learned a lot about provi ... Learn More