DevFest 2017 Sessions

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Using Cloud Vision To Watch The World’s News Imagery In Realtime: The GDELT Project
What happens when massive computing power brings together an ever-growing cross-section of the world’s information in realtime, from news media to social media, books to academic literature, the world’s libraries to the web itself, machine ... Learn More
The Year Ahead in Global Tech Policy
Danielle will walk you through the emerging political and tech trends affecting developers, and give you clear ideas on how to add your voice to the ... Learn More
Android Things Robocar with TensorFlow for object recognition
Android recently announced Android Things, a version of Android that runs on IoT devices like the popular Raspberry Pi. In this session we'll show you how to use Android Things to build a robocar: a small autonomous car. We'll review all the ... Learn More
Voice User Interfaces with Angular and Google Home
Products like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are primarily targeted at making it possible to access information and engage with services without a screen, but there is also great opportunity to use these same devices to control existing UIs (such ... Learn More
Code Lab - Microsoft Cognitive Tool Kit and APIs
Provide a high-level understanding of the implemented object detection method in CNTK. Illustrate how easy it is to train your own model. And Illustrate how the trained classifier can be published on Azure as a REST ... Learn More
Containers on Microsoft Azure
In this session we discuss deployment options for containers in Azure, platforms we support and options for deployment. We will discuss what is Azure Container Service and benefits of using this over traditional infrastructure as a service. How we ... Learn More
Using make/Makefile for microservices developer workflow and CI/CD
Developing and delivering microservices can be hard.  A given service may depend on many other services at runtime, making it tough to get a tight feedback loop during development.  Tools like docker-compose help, but they still leave tasks like ... Learn More
Machine Learning at scale: TensorFlow in the Cloud
Training and deploying a custom machine learning model can be a long process. You want to spend more time working with your data rather than your infrastructure. Thankfully the tooling that is available today can help make this a reality. In this ... Learn More
What’s in your organizations ‘DigiGENEs Wallet’
We all are associated and/or working one way or the other on Digital Transformation in our respective areas. Digital transformation is not about technology or a strategy, but do you have ‘DigiGENEs’ as part of your organization DNA? During this ... Learn More
Exploring Google APIs with Python and JavaScript (Session + Code Lab)
Ever wanted to integrate Google technologies into the web+mobile apps that you build? Did you know Google has various open source libraries and developer tools that help you do exactly that? Users who may have tried & failed, run into ... Learn More
From Game jams to publisher: Immersive storytelling with Daydream and Cardboard
Technical lecture on how to use Unity/C# to build immersive and interactive educational games for Google Cardboard or Daydream Virtual ... Learn More
Master component based styling with Angular (v4+)
In this talk we want to cover the different options available when styling Angular Components and Directives. We will introduce Angular Encapsulation Modes. Browser support. Shadow DOM vs Light DOM. Using @HostBinding, ElementRef, Renderer, ... Learn More
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Welcome and Official Kick-off
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Code Lab - Orchestrate the cloud with Kubernetes (k8s)
In this code lab, you will learn how to provision a kubernetes instance. Deploy and manage docker containers using kubectl. Kubernetes is all about applications and in the code lab, you will utilize the k8s API to deploy, manage and upgrade ... Learn More
Firebase: A Year in iOS (and some Android)
The year since Firebase launched has been filled with numerous product updates and product launches. This session will briefly review some of those new features and products and then take a deep dive to highlight some special new features in Crash ... Learn More
Android dot ++ - Android Training Day 2
This course will take you from knowing nothing about Android development to a complete Android developer in 2 days. Pre-requisites Laptop with 2 cores CPU with 8GB RAM 300MB HDD space Java or other programming languages will be ... Learn More
Android dot ++ - Android Training Day 1
This course will take you from knowing nothing about Android development to a complete Android developer in 2 days. Sign up here to attend the session Pre-requisites Laptop with 2 cores CPU with 8GB RAM 300MB HDD space Java or other ... Learn More
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Keynote - TensorFlow and Art
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Welcome and Official Kick-off
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Programming Google apps with the G Suite APIs
You may be familiar with Google's G Suite suite of productivity applications like Google Drive, Sheets, Calendar, Slides, Gmail, etc. But in addition to actual applications, each of these products also has a developer API. In this talk, we'll ... Learn More
Building CI/CD Pipelines for Serverless Applications
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery help developers rapidly and reliably release updates for their applications in a standardized and safe manner. The faster you can release new features and fix bugs, the quicker you can innovate and ... Learn More
Hack the Real World with ANDROID THINGS
ANROID THINGS is coming to town! Together, we will dive into more details about the I.O.T architecture, and we will learn how to code our awesome projects and hack our way to the ... Learn More
Well, That Escalated Quickly: Anomaly Detection with Elastic Machine Learning
Thousands of organizations use the Elastic Stack to extract meaning and value from their continuously growing collections of structured and unstructured data. With the addition of a machine learning capability to X-Pack, Elastic will provide the ... Learn More
Code Lab - Mastering state management using Angular (v4+)
In this hands-on workshop we are going to use the latest version of Angular to learn advanced state management using ngrx/store. ngrx/store uses an implementation inspired by Redux using Observables from RxJS ... Learn More
Keynote - Teaching Machines to See - The process of designing with AI
... Learn More
Code Lab - Android Vision: Tensorflow OCR
Take people through the step by step setup of TensorFlow on Android to do OCR (optical character recognition). The goal would be to review all of the vision examples and to create a new, separate project with only an Activity class that does OCR ... Learn More
MongoDB Atlas as a data backend to your Serverless environment
Serverless Architecture’s gain in popularity is partly driven by a service-based approach to solving technology problems. With tenets such as resource maximization, snappy response, cost savings, paying only for what used, etc, we’ve seen interest ... Learn More
Managing Javascript on 15 Million Sites
AddThis is everywhere. Our JavaScript is included on 15 Million websites and we see 2.2 billion requests a day. That sort of footprint comes with exciting challenges, and our solutions to them might apply to your environments. We will cover how we ... Learn More
Code Labs - Google Big Query
Code Labs on Big Query Summary: Learn data management and advanced analytics using Google BigQuery and it’s Standard SQL language. Plus, you’ll learn to experiment BigQuery's capabilities with public and private dataset, and walk-thru on few ... Learn More
Code Lab - Building Event-driven Microservices using Serverless Framework
During the workshop I will demonstrate building event-driven microservices built on top of AWS Lambda, Twilio, Amazon Rekognition and IMDbPy API using the Serverless framework. The service will take images of celebrities sent by SMS/MMS, match them ... Learn More
Best practices for managing Container Engine Clusters across multiple teams
Your responsibility is to provide services for internal users. How do you run Google Container Engine (GKE) cluster(s) to enable multiple teams to run applications in a heterogeneous environment. Do you create a single cluster and partition with ... Learn More
TensorFlow in the Wild (or the Democratization of Machine Learning)
TensorFlow, the open source library from Google, has been democratizing the world of machine intelligence since its launch in 2015. With TensorFlow, combined with the scalability of Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine, now anyone can leverage ... Learn More
Introduction to Daydream VR
Your standard mobile app is ubiquitous and bland. What is the next evolution of Mobile? How does an app developer make their application standout? Virtual Reality is a brand new mobile technology that has the ability to disrupt the industry and ... Learn More
Concurrent TinkerToys: Using Goroutines, Channels, and Select to Build Concurrent Tools
Go uses CSP to model concurrency. It’s an effective solution, but Go is missing constructs you find in other languages, like infinite concurrent queues, pools, and promises. This talk shows how to combine channels, goroutines, and select statements ... Learn More
Reactive Programming in Akka
Building APIs which adhere to reactive manifesto can sometimes become a challenge. Implementing reactive systems, from ground up, would take resource and time, beyond a simple implementation. Fortunately, Akka comes to the rescue here. Akka is a ... Learn More
Cool ConstraintLayout
ConstraintLayout is the newest layout on the Android platform. You may often hear comparisons of ConstraintLayout with RelativeLayout in terms of functionality and performance. While ConstraintLayout is comparable to RelativeLayout in many ways, it ... Learn More
The Road to Kotlintown
So you’ve probably heard of Kotlin, and you might even know that you can right-click any Java file and convert it automatically. Score! But wait, what are all these “!!” and why is the code littered with “?”. Sure, the code compiles, but how do you ... Learn More
Snowflakes in the Cloud: A Real World Experience on a New Approach for Big Data
Click tracking analysis and the need to crunch Terabytes of Data in seconds are more the norm than the exception these days. Hadoop is an excellent platform for providing services to solve these problems. But running your own Hadoop cluster, keeping ... Learn More
The Fantastic Four: The Secret to Supporting Two Billion Users
AddThis is used on over 15 million sites by 2 billion users every month. Supporting all these users with a fully remote crew of four presents special challenges. Chief Support Engineer Paul Rothrock will talk about the tools, techniques, and ... Learn More
Advanced HTTP Mocking with WireMock
Create HTTP mocks with WireMock’s REST API from any language for deterministic testing and development. Don’t have mocks yet? No worries. You can record live traffic with WireMock that can be played back. Testing apps that rely on APIs can be ... Learn More
Writing Your First App for Google Home
Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. While the Assistant is good at answering general questions, you can make Google Home even smarter by building your own app for it and publishing that app to the world. In this ... Learn More
Embrace The Journey
In this session we will talk about Mapbox mobile SDKs. In order to prepare the talk, I created a survey and based on the results I divided the talk in two main parts: 1. What are/were the worst problems/features missing you find/found developing ... Learn More
Mastering Material Motion
One of the foundations of Material Design is Motion. Effective motion can be used to provide user feedback, guide interaction focus, establish visual relationships between elements, and provide important polish and delight. Creating apps with ... Learn More
Why Uri? Storage and the Modern Android App
One of the most confusing things to new Android developers is storage. It seems like every time you turn around, you're blocked from something (can't touch removable storage, crashing with FileUriExposedExceptions, and so on). In this presentation, ... Learn More
Little Mistakes That Cost Big: Lessons Learned In Providing Open Source Software
Let's get real and talk about bad code, bad feature decisions, and embarrassing moments -- in the hope that you will make smarter decisions. Three million downloads, 90 releases; it's been a roller coaster and boy have we've learned a lot about ... Learn More
Myths of Angular 2: What Angular Really Is
At ng-Europe in 2014, the Angular team announced Angular 2. Unfortunately, the drastic changes were not well received by many. While things have changed since that announcement during the development of Angular 2, unfortunately many people remember ... Learn More
Push Notifications Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NotificationCompat.Builder
Push notifications are important in many ways to mobile applications but crafting them can be slightly overwhelming. At first glance, the API is quite straightforward but the complexity can come fast and furious as you dig in deeper. This talk will ... Learn More
Troubleshooting & debugging production microservices in Kubernetes with Google Cloud Platform
It's easier than ever to be able to deploy and manage microservices architecture with container and contain orchestration tool like Kubernetes. However, debugging multiple microservices across network boundaries is hard. Trying to what's going on in ... Learn More