Elizabeth Mezias

Elizabeth Mezias

Modo Labs


Elizabeth is an experienced technology professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She has been to most of the Google I/O conferences and got to be both a Google Glass Pioneer and Explorer. Since 2008 she is working on Android apps as a mobile app architect and developer. This continues a long history on the Java platform starting at Sun JDK 1.1.*.  She is making connections in Boston after many years in Silicon Valley working on diverse projects in small, private start-ups as well as large corporations like Sun and Adobe Systems.
Miss Mezias hails from Bridgeport, CT.  She studied at San Francisco State University enjoying valuable early career work as a campus consultant for Steve Jobs at NeXT, Inc. For her, technology is a passion and she is continually building her skill set.

Code Lab – Android Vision: Tensorflow OCR

Great Falls

Take people through the step by step setup of TensorFlow on Android to do OCR (optical character recognition). The goal would be to review all of the vision examples and to create a new, separate project with only an Activity class that does OCR without the rest of the vision features. This could be helpful […]

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