Kaz Sato

Kaz Sato



Kaz Sato is Staff Developer Advocate at Cloud Platform team, Google Inc. He leads the developer advocacy team for Machine Learning and Data Analytics products, such as TensorFlow, Cloud ML, and BigQuery. Invited to major events including Google Cloud Next ’17 SF, Google I/O 2016, Hadoop Summit 2016, Strata+Hadoop World 2016 San Jose and NYC, ODSC East/West 2016 and Google Next 2015 NYC. Kaz also has been leading and supporting developer communities for Google Cloud for over 8 years. He is also interested in hardwares and IoT, and has been hosting FPGA meetups since 2013.



TensorFlow in the Wild (or the Democratization of Machine Learning)

Fairfax Ballroom A

TensorFlow, the open source library from Google, has been democratizing the world of machine intelligence since its launch in 2015. With TensorFlow, combined with the scalability of Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine, now anyone can leverage deep learning technology cheaply and without much expertise. We will explore three examples of business that have adopted TensorFlow […]