Mike Worth

Mike Worth



Mike’s been working with Android since the early days of Donut. Originally doing radio interface layer work for the telephony team of a small Vancouver services company, Mike has since moved on to focusing on user facing Android apps.

Having lived through the dark days of non-standard OEM ListView implementations and pre-Holo theme disarray, Mike now finds himself serving as the Android push notification specialist at Slack. Through a mixture of the dark arts, trial and error and a dash of luck, he’s come away with some knowledge about what works and what doesn’t and is eager to share that information with the Android community at large!

Push Notifications Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NotificationCompat.Builder

Ash Grove

Push notifications are important in many ways to mobile applications but crafting them can be slightly overwhelming. At first glance, the API is quite straightforward but the complexity can come fast and furious as you dig in deeper. This talk will give folks a quick look at how the NotificationCompat.Builder API works, dig into some […]

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