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Sr Software Engineer at Capital One’s Digital Servicing organization

Alyssa Romeo

Alyssa Romeo is a senior software engineer & technical lead in Capital One’s Digital Servicing organization. At Capital One, she’s dived into every technological domain: from leveraging big data, modernizing on the cloud, designing multi-tier web applications, and, now, mobile development. When she’s not delivering high quality & high impact software, she’s supplementing her tech knowledge by getting her MBA from the University of Chicago, preparing for a triathlon, and chasing her dog all around town.



1:30 PM | CodeLab

Building a Specialized Chatbot Using Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence

The goal of this code lab is to help participants learn the building blocks of conversational AI & natural language processing (NLP). By the end, participants will have created a basic chatbot using Python open-source libraries and will have resources for creating more complex chatbots and NLP projects in the future.

Chatbot Code Labs preparation information can be found here: http://bit.ly/df19chatbot