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Level Up Your ML Journey With Vertex AI From SRE Perspective

Imre Nagi

Imre is Google Developer Expert in cloud category and also Cloud Platform Engineer at GoTo Financial, Indonesia. He has 8 years of experience working with app development and building cloud platforms to improve developer productivity. He talked at several notable conferences like GopherCon and KubeCon NA.


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11:00 AM

Level Up Your ML Journey With Vertex AI From SRE Perspective

So many people learning about creating machine learning model, but only few of them are able to successfully deployed their machine learning to production or even cloud due to the complexity of the tooling and documentation. This talk will discuss about my ML learning journey as DevOps/SRE. Having SRE background really helps me find a quick way in understanding how ML model should be continuously developed, trained and deployed to production. This talk includes how I learned about ML, how to effectively navigate Vertex AI documentation, and most importantly live demo about training a custom machine learning model and perform live prediction on Vertex AI. I believe it will benefit beginner or intermediate in ML field who wants to get more experience working with ML in Cloud