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Product Manager at Gannett

Lucy Collins

Lucy Collins has worked on products at academic and news media publishers for 4 years. She works hard to streamline user workflows and define straightforward, elegant requirements for a multi-faceted CMS. She is passionate about enabling content creators to publish and share content efficiently. When she’s not at work, Lucy loves spending time with her extended family and reading books about American History.


Tech Talk

11:45 AM | Track #4

Accelerated Content Management at the USA TODAY NETWORK: Performant CQRS

3000+ content creators, 2000+ published stories across 100+ newsrooms, seconds to publish. Daily. How does the USA TODAY NETWORK accelerate content management? How do we share content across more than 100 newsrooms? How do we cater to 125 million monthly visitors? By implementing Domain Driven Design with CQRS and event sourcing. On Node and Angular.