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Sr. Technology Architect and Data Scientist

Navin Singh

Navin Singh is Sr. Technology Architect and Data Scientist. He holds two Graduate degrees, a  master’s in computer sciences, and a master’s in advanced Electronics, and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Statistics. He has been continuously working in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. His passion is to build a next-generation application with robust data architecture, sophisticated algorithms, and user-friendly design.

He has worked on many Implementation projects with many Fortune 100 companies like MasterCard, GE, Cisco, Brocade, Nissan and helped Government Organization like Accountant General, Counties, Health, and Human Services to achieve their financial Data management and reporting. Navin is a Marathon runner and has completed sixteen Marathons.


Tech Talk

1:30 PM | Track #4

How to Make your Company AI Ready?

In today’s era adopting a culture that focuses on Artificial Intelligence is Important. Many companies what to enhance their capabilities through Artificial intelligence to enhance their core strength, but do not have complete understanding how this transformation can be done. This presentation will provide a complete journey how company can adopt AI culture and the challenges in doing that.