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Co-Founder and CTO of SignalFrame

Srdjan Marinovic

Srdjan is co-founder and CTO of SignalFrame, a DC-based graph-analytics startup.  He leads the development of the company’s temporal graph platform and streaming services.  

Prior to co-founding SignalFrame, Srdjan was in academia, at Imperial College London and ETH Zurich, focused on building secure systems founded in non-monotonic AI and formal methods.


Tech Talk

4:05 PM | Track #2

Declarative Concurrent Programming in Streaming Systems

Current concurrent languages (e.g. Go and Rust) offer core building blocks such as threads and communication channels. In our experience building streaming services using only language primitives is not only hard but also harmful. In this talk, we argue that scaling the development of concurrent streaming services should not be done using procedural concurrent constructs but rather with higher-level declarative primitives (such as MapReduce, Futures)