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Founder & CEO of ARInspect

Vivek Mehta

Prior to founding ARInspect, Vivek Mehta spent 15 years with the government contracting powerhouse, CGI. He was involved in developing solutions for clients involved in maintaining public health and safety. He understood how disasters like the drinking water crisis in Flint, MI could happen given the outdated process and lack of technologies used for inspections and knew there had to be a better way. Passionate about protecting the environment and keeping communities safe Vivek set off to pave the path to begin ARInspect. To accomplish this he knew he must find like-minded and technically proficient individuals that shared a goal of improving and protecting our environment and communities. The rockstar team first included an AI-focused, female CTO and a mobile developer who has been called the “east coast Android guru.,” and a seasoned customer success executive with 10 years of experience in the Environmental Health Safety industry. Together they are working to not just digitize the inspection process, but transform how inspection data is used for proactive and preventative service that stops issues from becoming a crisis, with a mission to keep millions of people safe around our world.

ARInspect is redefining next-generation solutions for Digital Inspection & Monitoring with the world’s first Augmented Robotic Process Automation Platform (RPA).


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11:00 AM

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