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Product Owner, Master Software Engineer, OneFleet at Capital One

Matthew Gladney

Matthew Gladney leads the development of event-driven and data-intensive full stack applications.

Most recently, he has been working as a software technical lead on Capital One’s Cloud Engineering team, building up both cloud engineers and full stack python developers. Before that, he was building debt trading data pipelines and analytic applications for the largest bank in Tennessee. He has been working in the regulated financial product market for roughly 6 years, and has also worked on an API unification project at a major hotel chain.

He also enjoys developing software talent – mentoring developers to think critically about their work product, communicate well about it, and learn to teach others as well.


Tech Talk

11:45 AM | Track #1

Weathering the cloud: a story of managing 900 AWS environments

The Capital One Cloud Operations team is responsible for the management of hundreds of AWS accounts operating out of multiple regions – with our number growing on a weekly basis. This unique level of scale has required a rethink of how the monitoring of a cloud estate is typically approached. This presentation will review the patterns, processes, tools, and frameworks used to create a data streaming platform that can not only capture and ship the infrastructure telemetry required, but can also continue to meet our scale in the long term. We also intend to share lessons learned and provide a brief demonstration of the tooling.

Technologies reviewed will include: GraphQL (Vue Apollo and Graphene specifically), various AWS services (Kinesis, Lambda, CloudWatch, Aurora, others), as well as communication stacks (AWS SNS, PagerDuty, Slack). It should be noted that there will be some level of expectation that the audience is at least familiar with AWS/cloud conventions.

The presentation will consist of three primary sections – Problem statement and high level review of solution; AWS components of solution; and software-layer components of solution.