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Software engineer at Mapbox

Pablo Guardiola

Pablo is a software engineer at Mapbox working on the Mobile Navigation Android team.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Pablo spent nearly five years developing Android apps. He is particularly passionate about testing. Pablo is also a regular attendee to developer conferences and meetups, giving talks and facilitating coding workshops.

In his free time, Pablo enjoys soccer and surfing and he loves to play board games.


Tech Talk

2:20 PM | Track #4

From 0 to 100: Fine-tune all the things!

In this session we will talk about all the performance bottlenecks that we found along the way developing the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android. We will learn how we made decisions based on numbers and tackled them: from designing and implementing a pipeline that runs automated tests, to selecting and analyzing the data obtained from these tests. We will show the tools and platforms used, such as Systrace, test @Rules, and AWS Device farm.

When you are developing SDKs or libraries, their performance is crucial to your customers, especially in the context of turn-by-turn navigation. A complete navigation experience includes voice announcements, real-time user progress to their destination, smooth map camera animations, detecting when a user goes off-route, and more. As you can imagine, all of these components are critical when building a navigation app, but at the same time taxing in terms of performance.

By the end of the talk, you will be obsessed about the performance of your application and itching to fine-tune everything!