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Senior Developer at Amazon Web Services

Rich Alberth

Rich left his professorship at the University of New York in the 1990s, and has been working in government and private sector leading advances in computer science practice. He started the Agile community of practice for Booz Allen Hamilton, built the in-field logistics ordering system for the International Red Cross, and created the vulnerability tracking system for the DoD. He’s currently building software systems for Amazon. You may have seen him presenting at FOSE, eGov, the DoD IA Symposiums, AWS Summits, or a local AWS Meetup.


Tech Talk

2:00 PM

Engaging web/mobile apps with GraphQL and AWS AppSync

GraphQL is supplanting REST as the way browsers and mobile apps interface with servers. GraphQL is a rich language for apps and services to agree on the structure of all their data, how it can be queried, and how it can be modified. It has been around since 2012, and powers products like Facebook, Twitter, and Drupal. AWS AppSync is a serverless, managed GraphQL platform that integrates with other resources in the AWS Cloud. This talk starts with a fun quiz show game written with AppSync that everyone can play. We break it down showing snippets of the web and mobile code, the GraphQL, and how AppSync ties it to the cloud database (Dynamo DB).