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Director of Software Engineering at Capital One

Srini Karlekar

Srini Karlekar is a Director of Software Engineering at Capital One. As a Distinguished Engineer, he is passionate about employing Serverless Computing, Containerization and event-driven microservices to transform the back-end of finance to build highly-scalable and resilient cloud-native applications on public cloud.

Prior to this, he was helping to redefine public-sector grants management using Smart Contracts and Digital Identity systems, modernizing medical claims processing by building NLP pipelines to ingest medicare/Medicaid policies, procedures, and manuals to build a web of interconnected documents.  

He is passionate about open source and tech mentoring. In his free time, he dabbles with his Raspberry Pi building projects that transcend the living room with the cloud, teaching middle schoolers Python, Lego programming etc.


Tech Talk

4:05 PM | Track #4

Tom Thumb’s Journey to Fargate on a Few Pennies

AWS Fargate is the Uber of container service allowing engineers to hail a container by specifying their compute and memory needs. By providing an incredible on-demand flexibility and removing the burden of resource provisioning just as Lambda did years ago to servers, Fargate is disrupting the container management technology.
In this presentation, we will explore two patterns viz., the Tom-Thumb and Bean-Counter patterns that allows Fargate to be used just like Lambdas for heavy on-demand tasks where Lambda is not suitable.
We will use the Tom-Thumb pattern to build an on-demand service to generate thumbnail images from video files and use the Bean-Counter pattern to build an auto-scaling service that counts the coins thrown on a table.