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Lead Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton

Summer Rankin

Summer is currently a lead data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton. She works on projects that involve a range of techniques including: deep learning, NLP, anomaly detection, and performance measurement. She is the technical lead on Project Shakespeare with Dr. Roselie Bright, an Epidemiologist at the FDA where she is using machine learning and NLP techniques to identify indicators for adverse events based on free text (notes) from electronic health records.

She holds a PhD in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences and completed a postdoctoral fellowship (5 years) with Charles Limb, MD at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where she studied musical creativity, auditory perception (fMRI) and human coordination with 1/f-type
(fractal) auditory signals.


Tech Talk

11:45 AM | Track #2

Advancing your NLP with Elasticsearch

When you analyze a large number of documents do you often wish there were a better way to display your results? Elasticsearch + Kibana provide an excellent platform for doing just that. Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine. Did you think it was a tool only for cybersecurity professionals? Think again! As a data scientist, it is my new favorite tool to leverage natural language processing (NLP) and visualization. Join me as I show you how I use Python to take my analyzed data and ingest it into Elasticsearch, and then use Kibana to build an attractive dashboard VERY quickly. Elasticsearch + Kibana will allow you (or any user) to search the data and provide multiple visualization tools; from unique words and time series to geographical plots.