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Android Developer at Verizon


Sunitha is a passionate Android developer working at Verizon Media, who has keen interest in UI development. She likes to work with product and design closely to provide valuable thoughts in coming up with best experience for users. When she is not coding, she loves to build metal 3d models.



2:20 PM | Track #1

Kotlin Multiplatform – Sharing is caring!

Cross-platform frameworks are trending these days especially on mobile. Few of these try to support both Android and iOS platforms with a single framework, which comes with a lot of challenges due to lack of tooling support and flexibility. On the other hand, Kotlin Multiplatform allows us to share true common code across platforms and let’s the platform SDKs to take care of platform specific concerns.

In this talk, I will walk through how Kotlin Multiplatform modules can be used to implement common code once and target different platforms like web, Android, iOS or a desktop app; what the current state of art is; And it’s limitations.