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From Wild to Wise: Taming Generative AI in a Responsible Ecosystem

Uday Kumar

Uday is product guy who grew up as a software engineer. He currently runs his tech product consulting startup Metashore and prior to that was the CDO at Akira Technologies and Card Platform Product Leader at Capital One. Uday is passionate about solving problems in a manner that make a meaningful difference in the customer’s business and the consumer’s life. Uday does this by using his curiosity, intuition, diverse experience, and most importantly, by building and leading high performance tech teams. He is a lifelong learner and speaks about a few different topics including pathways to product management, benefits of diversity in teams, and responsible AI. He regularly mentors early stage startups, volunteers at Loudoun County Public School’s Career and Technical Education program as well as Google’s Developer Experts (GDE) program as a Payments Technology expert. Uday attended grad school at Case Western Reserve and Duke Universities. In his downtime, he enjoys red wines and following the EPL.


Tech Talk

11:45 AM

From Wild to Wise: Taming Generative AI in a Responsible Ecosystem

The swift rise of generative AI technologies has ignited an unparalleled tech ‘arms race’. Yet, this growth comes intertwined with risks: fake news, distorted narratives, factual inaccuracies, and intellectual property theft. This leads to a pressing query: How should we regulate Generative AI? While institutions like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and The White House have offered overarching guidelines, concrete and actionable safeguards remain elusive. Merely relying on GenAI service providers for accountability is no longer tenable, especially given the ease of creating, launching, and accessing GenAI solutions. What we require is a universal mechanism—akin to an electrical “circuit breaker“—to preempt and mitigate threats. Drawing from my FinTech background, I will outline a strategic but simple framework to navigate this challenge and foster a responsible AI landscape.